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Creative Leadership

Learning Experience Design


Internal visual communication didn't reflect Google's Brand identity


Deliver on the Brand promise to Google DataCenter's internal customers and elevate internal Brand currency to match the external users experience

Client / 

Google Data Centers


Role / 

Creative Lead


Agency / 

Mackin Talent


Tools / 

Asana, Illustrator, Google Workspace, Photoshop, Creative Cloud


Born from the growth of Google DataCenters T-Rex (Training Excellence) team and the need for specialized services, LXD focused on the landscape of training across all channels to map out its approach in development


Producing scalable and portable assets was a primary take away in development. Understanding that growth was inevitable, build collateral that could be leveraged cross functionally in multiple programs to enable diverse users to act as creators and facilitate their own authorship


Google's Brand Standards have many different interpretations. Modern, minimal, flat, orthographic, or isometric. Settling on orthographic (flat to the screen) design simplified the creative process and allowed less experienced creators to contribute without the technical requirements that more challenging visual languages could introduce


Characters could interact with objects and environments with minimal development or redesign


No system can function effectively without documentation. Creating paths for new users to acquire knowledge and agency is essential for successful adoption


Standardizing assets so programs can grow thematically

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