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Project Title

Data Center Academy

Deliver the Google Brand experience and raise internal team brand currency to reflect the look, feel and experience our external user rely on.


Training for Google Data Center Technical Infrastructure was outsourced to multiple vendors and lead to confusing or inconsistent experiences.


Bring training and development in-house to create brand cohesion across the Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver world class training and improved UX

Client / 

Data Center Academy


Role / 

Creative Direction


Agency / 

Clarity Consulting


Tools / 

Illustrator, Photoshop, Sheets, Docs


The internal LMS existed as an out of the box instance of Moodle devoid of UX sensibilities.


Users who felt confused often need identifiers to help get to where they want to go. Creating top level advanced organizers was an essential component of authoring a dynamic design system


Clarity of vision provided a level of stablity and provided proof of concept that in-house design was a viable solution to addressing UX


The benefits of upstream planning paid instant benefits downstream by accelerating design and development.


Bespoke development in Moodle proved to be time consuming and was abandoned. A new LMS system with more native access points for the Google ethos "build from white" was installed with immediate success


The rapid pace of agile development lead to constant Program name changes and administration. By focusing on function rather than identity, branded assets could have a longer active market presence. Top level areas branded full color, sub levels grey.

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